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Volume 32, 12 Issues, 2022

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Latest Articles
Volume 32 | Issue 6 | June 2022
Acute Stroke Care in Pakistan

By Anjum Farooq, Saima Ahmed, Mohammad Wasay

Changes in Serum Copeptin and Sphingosine 1-Phosphate in Patients with Restenosis after Stent Implantation of Symptomatic Intracranial Artery Stenosis

By Xuzhang Jiao, Zhifeng Li, Senlin Wang

ABSTRACT Objective: To determine the changes of serum copeptin and sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) in patients with restenosis after stent implantation of symptomatic intracranial artery stenosis. Study Design: An observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Changyi people's Hospital, China,...

Starting Antrectomy in Less than 2 cm from Pylorus at Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

By Burhan Mayir

ABSTRACT Objective: To evaluate the effect of antrectomy in which resection was started from 2 cm or closer to the pylorus on % excess weight loss (EWL), nausea, vomiting, and complication rates. Study Design: Comparative study. Place and Duration of Study: Antalya Training and Research Hospital, f...

The Efficiency of the HALP Score and the Modified HALP Score in Predicting Mortality in Patients with Acute Heart Failure Presenting to the Emergency Department

By Salih Kocaoglu, Tufan Alatli

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the relationship between the HALP score (haemoglobin, albumin, lymphocyte, and platelet), the modified HALP (m-HALP) score, and prognosis in patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with acute heart failure (AHF). Study Design: A Descriptive study. Plac...

Bioinformatics Analysis Screened and Identified Key Genes as Potential Biomarkers for Progression of Lung Cancer

By Ying Chen, Xing-Kai Wang, Yan Wang, Jun-Wei Zong, Shou-Yu Wang, Xian-Yao Wan

ABSTRACT Objective: To screen and identify key genes as potential biomarkers of lung cancer using bioinformatics analysis. Study Design: Observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Critical Care Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical Un...

The Value of First-trimester Maternal Abdominal Visceral Adipose Tissue Thickness in Predicting the Subsequent Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

By Seyhmus Tunc, Suleyman Cemil Oglak, Fatma Olmez, Zeynep Gedik Ozkose

ABSTRACT Objective: To examine the performance of first-trimester visceral (pre-peritoneal), subcutaneous, and total adipose tissue thickness (ATT) to predict the patients with subsequently developing gestational Diabetes mellitus (GDM). Study Design: Observational study. Place and Duration of Study...

CeO2 Nanoparticles Effect on Acute Hemorrhagic Shock Induced-hepatic Stress Injury in a Mouse Model

By Guoqiang Chen

ABSTRACT Objective: To explore the effects of CeO2 nanoparticles on liver injury, inflammation, oxidative stress, and coagulation function in hemorrhagic shock (HS)-induced hepatic stress injury. Study Design: Experimental study. Study Place and Duration: Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital, Tong...

Importance of HALP Score in Breast Cancer and its Diagnostic Value in Predicting Axillary Lymph Node Status

By Ali Duran, Huseyin Pulat, Ferhat Cay, Ugur Topal

ABSTRACT Objective: To determine the diagnostic value of the haemoglobin, albumin, lymphocyte, and platelet (HALP) score in predicting axillary lymph node (ALN) involvement. Study Design: Observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of General Surgery, Balıkesir University and Mers...

Contribution of Metabolic Tumor Volume and Total Lesion Glycolysis to Predict Prognosis in Early-Stage Lung Cancer at Preoperative Staging

By Elanur Karaman, Sibel Goksel, Kerim Tuluce

ABSTRACT Objective: To evaluate the effect of metabolic tumor volume (MTV) and total lesion glycolysis (TLG) values of the primary tumor measured by preoperative positron emission tomography/computed tomography (FDG-PET/CT) on survival in patients with operated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). S...

Assessment of Pathological Complete Response in Patients with Breast Cancer Receiving Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy

By Nida Farrukh, Razia Bano, Syeda rifaat Qamar Naqvi, Humera Latif

ABSTRACT Objective: To quantify the rate of pathological complete response (PCR) in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan, and to explore the association of pathological complete response with tumour histology, tumour grade, and histological subtype based on receptors. Study Design: Descriptive study...

Diagnostic Value of Preoperative Haemoglobin, Albumin, Lymphocyte and Platelet (HALP) Score in Predicting Tumour Budding in Colorectal Cancer

By Ugur Topal, Serkan Guler, Zafer Teke, Erdal Karakose, Idris Kurtulus, Hasan Bektas

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the value of preoperative haemoglobin, albumin, lymphocyte, and platelet (HALP) score in predicting tumour budding in colorectal carcinoma. Study Design: Observational study. Place and Duration of Study: University of Health Sciences, Başakşehir Çam and S...

Effect of Diabetes Mellitus and Systemic Hypertension on Macular Hole Surgery

By Yucel Ozturk, Ruveyde Bolac, Nadir Kockar, Merve beyza Yildiz, Alev Ozcelik Kose, Suleyman Kugu

ABSTRACT Objective: To evaluate the anatomical and functional results of macular hole surgery in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HT) without retinopathy. Study Design: Descriptive comparative study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Ophthalmology, Health Sciences Univ...

Various Risk Factors of Overweight and Obesity among Children Aged 5-16 Years

By Ajea Rani Bekhwani, Mashal Khan

ABSTRACT Objective: To determine the determinants of overweight and obesity among children aged 5-16 years. Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Emergency and Outpatient Department of National Institute of Child Health, from October 2020 till July 2021. Methodology: All ch...

Impact of Urinary pH on the Efficacy of a Postoperative Single Instillation of Mitomycin-C

By Cagdas Senel, Ahmet Asfuroglu, Ibrahim Can Aykanat, Melih Balci, Yilmaz Aslan, Altug Tuncel

ABSTRACT Objective: To assess the effect of the urinary pH value on the efficacy of a postoperative single instillation of mitomycin-C. Study Design: A descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Urology, Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey from 2011 to 20...

Systemic Immune Inflammation Index as a Reliable Disease Activity Marker in Psoriatic Arthritis

By Ayse Bahar Kelesoglu Dincer, Serdar Sezer

ABSTRACT Objective: To assess the utility of systemic immune inflammation index (SII) in predicting disease activity in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) patients. Study Design: A descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Research and Training Hospital, Ankara, Turkey, ...

Neoadjuvant Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

By Chongxiang Xue, Huijing Dong, Ying Chen, Xingyu Lu, Shuyue Zheng, Huijuan Cui

ABSTRACT Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. A meta-analysis was conducted to assess the benefits and risks of neoadjuvant immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Online databases, including PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, Cochrane ...

Mini Anterior Incision versus Conventional Incision in Thyroid Operations

By Mustafa Omer Yazıcioglu, Servet Kocaoz, Birol Korukluoglu

ABSTRACT Objective: To analyse the results of mini anterior incision compared to conventional Kocher’s incision in total thyroidectomy. Study Design: Observational cohort study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of General Surgery, Breast, and Endocrine Surgery Clinic, Ankara City Hospit...

Comparison of Femoral and Internal Jugular Vein Catheterisation Trends in Sick Infants

By Ali Erdal Karakaya, Ahmet Burak Dogan, Ahmet Gokhan Guler

ABSTRACT Objective: To compare two different ways of central venous access in newborns regarding complications and success rates. Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Third-level Newborn Intensive Care Units in Kahramanmaras Sutçu Imam University Health Practice and R...

Sternal Fractures in Blunt Chest Trauma: Retrospective Analysis of 330 Cases

By Hasan Kara, Aysegul Bayir, Selim Degirmenci, Huseyin Yildiran, Mehmet Ertugrul Kafali, Ahmet Ak

ABSTRACT Objective: To analyse the range of injuries associated with sternal fracture (SF) and their clinical features and outcomes. Study Design: Observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Emergency Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey, from July 201...

Posterior Fascicular Ventricular Tachycardia: A Rare Cause of Tachycardia

By Erdem Kurt, Rohat Ak, Suphi Bahadirli

ABSTRACT A 13-year male patient with a history of tachycardia attacks was diagnosed to have left posterior fascicular ventricular tachycardia (VT) according to the electrocardiogram (ECG) obtained at the emergency service. This diagnosis was confirmed with advanced electrophysiological studies and t...

Myoclonic Astatic Resistant Epilepsy and Disproportionate Overgrowth Carrying a Duplication in 2q13 and Deletion in the 6p21.32 Chromosomal Regions

By Sevim Turay, Recep Eroz, Ebru Karagun

ABSTRACT Copy number variants have been increasing due to a rise in the availability of array comparative genomic hybridisation, which occupies an important place in diagnosis, especially in patients with epilepsy, dysmorphic findings, and intellectual disability. We detected 2q13 chromosomal duplic...

Early Enteral Nutrition Tolerance in a Duodenal Fistula Patient Undergoing Open Abdomen with Vacuum-assisted Temporary Abdominal Closure

By Heng Zhang, Junfang Zhang, Zhilong Yang

ABSTRACT This case sought to manage a duodenal fistula patient who underwent an open abdomen with vacuum-assisted temporary abdominal closure (VAC) by evaluating his tolerance to early enteral nutrition therapy (ENT). A review of the patient suggested that he developed an abdominal infection as a ...

Fibrolipoma of Tongue: A Rare Entity

By Salima Mansoor, Nausheen Yaqoob, Anila Haneef, Sunder Sham, Asif Ali Arain

ABSTRACT Lipomas are benign mesenchymal tumors that comprise almost one-half of all soft tissue tumors. Lipomas can occur at any site where fat cells are present but are rare in the oral cavity, especially the tongue, which is a very rare site. Lipoma has several variants. Fibrolipoma is a rare vari...

Berardinelli-Seip Congenital Lipodystrophy – A Case Report and Review of Literature

By Atif Munir, Miqdad Haider, Aijaz zeeshan Khan Chachar

ABSTRACT Berardinelli-Seip Congenital Lipodystrophy (BSCL), also known as congenital generalised lipodystrophy, is a genetic disorder where there is an absolute deficiency of adipose tissue. It affects the development of adipocytes and ultimately leads to an inability to store fat in adipocytes...

Antibiotic Disk Elution Method to Determine the Colistin Susceptibility against Enterobacterales and Non-fermenter Bacteria

By Tariq Butt, Aleena Butt, Shahina Yasmin, Shazia Taj, Nehaj Tariq, Saeeda Bano

ABSTRACT Colistin minimum inhibitory concentration among Enterobacterales and Non-fermenters was determined using the new susceptibility method, Colistin Broth Disk Elution Method (CBDE), and its sensitivity and specificity. This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted at Pakistan Railway Ho...

Biotin-responsive Multiple Carboxylase Deficiency (MCD)

By Hafsa Majid, Sibtain Ahmed, Siraj Muneer, Ruqaiyyah Hamid, Lena Jafri, Aysha Habib Khan

ABSTRACT This study aimed to determine the clinical spectrum and biochemical findings on urine organic acids (UOA) in Biotin-responsive multiple carboxylase deficiency (MCD) patients presenting to the biochemical genetics laboratory (BGL). Patients reported as MCD, from January 2013-December 2020 we...

COVID-19 Antibody Testing: Facts vs. Fallacies

By Nayab Afzal

COVID-19: Questionable Seasonality

By Sadaf Sheikh, Amal Al-Mandhari

Impact of the First Wave of COVID-19 on PICU Admissions in Pakistan

By Anwarul Haque, Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Tariq Jamil

Time to Reconsider the Inhaled Drugs for

By Usha Kumari, Abdul Ghani, Fakhar Abbas

Treatment of Severe Destructive Foot and Ankle Injury in a Young Child with a Skin Regeneration Technique

By Xueping Luo, Xiaoming Chen, Guofeng Lei

Special Issue

Special Supplement 1 | Volume 32 | Year 2022
Hydrocele with Paratesticular Liposarcoma

By Ozer Baran, Ufuk Bozkurt, Aykut Aykac

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A Difficult Route for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Single Coronary Artery Anomaly

By Kerim Esenboga, Emir Baskovski, Nil Ozyunku, Eralp Tutar

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Initial Experience in Ablation of Non-coronary Cusp PVCs by using High-density Mapping System (Rhythmia)

By Muhammad Asad, Qurban Hussain Khan, Azmat Hayat, Rehana Khadim

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Fishbone-induced Pericardial Hemorrhage Resulting in a Misdiagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction

By Zuoan Qin, Liagnqing Ge

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Severe Asymptomatic Hyponatremia in an Elderly Man

By Lawson Ekpe, Emin Emin, Onuche Lawrence, Osuji Kingsley

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Improvement of Three Duodenal Re-leaks: Two-way Vacuum-assisted Closure

By Ali Alemdar, Seracettin Egin

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Uterine Adenosarcoma in a Teen Ager

By Yuanyuan Wang, Yongliang Teng, Jie Li, Ye Yuan

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Double Peptic Ulcer Perforation due to Cumulative Effects of Post-surgery Stress and NSAIDs: A Rare Event in Surgical Practice

By Junaid Zia Hashmi, Muhammad Masood-Ur-Rauf Khan Hiraj, Farah Saleem, Usman Malik, Imran Khan Mazari

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Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor of the Cervix

By Tiantian Zhang, Zishu Wang, Rui Wang, Xiao Wu, Menglin Zhao, Fang Su

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A Rare Presentation of Extramedullary Hematopoiesis: Perirenal Masses

By Selahattin Durmaz, Cennet Sahin, Muzaffer Basak, Sukru Mehmet Erturk

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Simple Congenital Hamartoma of Retinal Pigment Epithelium

By Tayyaba Gul Malik

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Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in a Renal Transplant Patient by Pan-resistant Myroides Spp

By Ali Faraz, Kauser Fathima, Syed Yousaf Kazmi, Abdullah Suib Al Motery, Usama Bin Ghaffar, Muhammad Asad Farhan

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From Gut to Heart: Extensively Drug-resistant Salmonella typhi with Multi System Involvement

By Sadaf Sheikh, Umair Javed

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Nasopharyngeal Tuberculosis

By Shanila Ahmed, Syed Muhammad Mustahsan, Bushra Jamil, Faiza Ilyas

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Horseshoe Kidney in a Patient with Leriche Syndrome

By Anil Ozen, Isa Civelek, Gorkem Yigit, Hakki Zafer Iscan

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Methotrexate-induced Leukoencephalopathy: A Rare but Life-threatening Toxicity

By Fayaz Hussain, Jahanzeb Rehman, Qamar Unnissa Chaudhry, Sayed Kamran Mahmood, Tariq Ghafoor

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Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome with Normal Creatine Phosphokinase Levels: An Atypical Presentation

By Saba Zaidi, Nashit Irfan, Zain Khalid

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Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis in an Immunocompetent Patient

By Sadaf Sheikh, Umair Javed

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Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Rare Complication of Organophosphate Poisoning

By Shaheen Bibi, Shameem Kauser, Irfan Ahsan

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Acrometastasis of Laryngeal Carcinoma to the Finger

By Cengiz Karacin, Sema Turker, Dogan Yazilitas, Tulay Eren, Tugba Taskin Turkmenoglu

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Cutaneous Metastasis from Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder

By Goknur Kalkan, Hilal Ahsen, Bulent Yalcin

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Melena: An Unusual Manifestation of Metastatic Lung Cancer

By Muge Ustaoglu, Bahiddin Yilmaz, Sultan Caliskan, Ceren Canturk, Ibrahim Goren, Ahmet Bektas

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Whole-body Bone Scan in the Diagnosis and Treatment of SAPHO Syndrome

By Chengzhi Jinag, Yajie Zhao, Xinhui Li, Hui Hu, Can Li

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Subglottic Hemangioma: Now You See it, Now You Don’t

By Mawaddah Azman

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Pleomorphic Adenoma of Minor Salivary Gland

By Sahar Usman, Sufyan Ahmed, Sana Iqbal, Ayesha Aslam

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Pneumomediastinum in an Accidental Chlorine Gas Exposed Victim

By Muhammad Akbar Baig, Maaz Salahuddin

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Kleefstra Syndrome

By Hilal Aydin, Ibrahim Hakan Bucak, Haydar Bagis

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Histiocytic Sarcoma with Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder

By Aysegul Isal Arslan, Sevil Karabag, Murat Akgul

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Post-traumatic Renal Arteriovenous Malformation Discovered after 2 Years of Blunt Trauma: Diagnosis and Management

By Tariq Javed, Zehra Kazmi, Amna Butt, Waqas Rahim, Mohammad Ayaz Khan

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Contralateral Recurrence of a Lumbar Juxtafacet Cyst Following Spontaneous Resolution

By Can Sarica, Furkan Kucuk

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